private captain personal transportation

Ocean Limo created the concept of fractional vessel ownership giving individuals
and businesses all the benefits of whole craft ownership and more at a fraction
of the cost. Go to work and back home or meet your business associates with no
traffic delays. Saving a lot of time with a comfort and luxury.

hydronic heating system

hydronic heating system hydronic heating system hydronic heating system
A heating system can eliminate condensation,with an outside cold air return,and
keep your boat dry. By eliminating condensation you will reduce mold, mildew,
odors and corrosion.
Constant output of designed heat * Heats domestic water unlimited on demand *
Service by owner - self diagnostic * Quiet operation * Extended engine(s) and
equipment life * Sealed system - no seawater * Comfort with warm air *
Multiple heating zones * Use your boat all year around
The systems are custom engineered to the individual application depending on
the customer's needs, wants, dreams and desires!
Exterior profile modifications to modernize the look of any yacht * Interior layout
modification, redecoration and outfitting * Bridge Redesign*
exterior redesign
No matter what brand,type or size of yacht you own,OCEAN LIMO Group will refit
it with maximum attention to details and a professional service that will give you
exact what you want for the price you want.
Fiberglass Hard Top
custom fiberglass hard top custom fiberglass hard top railing
Structural Fiberglass work
fiberglass boat repair fiberglass boat work
If you own a Yacht and would like to have it professionally retrofitted or
modernized with the ultimate OCEAN LIMO GROUP technologies to increase its
performance and market value, please contact us for a one of a kind service.
Contact us for free estimate.

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